Fascinating Digestive System Facts

Who knew eating could be accomplished by hanging upside down? Why does your stomach growl even when you are not hungry? Did you realize that your small intestine handles most of your digestion?

Here are ten interesting facts about your digestive system that you might not have known.

Proper digestion is essential for good health

You know that you need food to survive. However, did you know that proper digestion requires mindfulness to activate your parasympathetic nervous system? Through proper digestion, food is converted to nutrients and energy. It is highly crucial for nutrition, energy, and cell repair that you have a healthy digestive system.

Your stomach does not play an essential role in indigestion

The stomach starts the digestion process by churning the meal and breaking it down with the help of digestive enzymes. Mechanical digestion is the term used to describe this process. The small intestine then does most of the digestive job, utilizing enzymes and absorbing nutrients for absorption by the body.

It is possible to eat upside down

Gravity is not required for food to reach the stomach of a human being. Each time you consume something, the muscles in your esophagus constrict and release, creating a wave-like motion that propels the food up the esophagus and into the stomach. The wave-like movement is called peristalsis and occurs when you swallow something. It’s challenging to eat while standing on your head, but it is feasible.

The large intestine is responsible for much more than just waste elimination.

The large intestine is responsible for converting liquid waste into a solid stool. Aside from that, the large intestine is responsible for absorbing any remaining nutrients and water that the body requires. Undigested dietary components, as well as aged cells from the gastrointestinal tract, are examples of waste products. 1

Mucus secretion protects the stomach from its acid

The primary digesting fluid produced by the stomach, known as hydrochloric acid, is highly corrosive. A thick coating of mucus coats the stomach, which serves as a protective barrier. The stomach acid would digest the stomach if it didn’t have that protective coating.

The small intestine has an unexpectedly large surface area for its size

The average adult’s small intestine measures around 22 feet in length.

2 A result of the numerous folds and finger-like projections, known as villi, in the small intestine, the small intestine has a far bigger surface area than you might imagine. In addition, the high surface area of the small intestine is crucial since it is better constructed to absorb nutrients from meals, which is critical to your overall health.

Stomach growling can occur even when you aren’t feeling hungry

Stomach rumbling is the sound made by your stomach and small intestines as they work together to complete the digestion process. When your stomach is full, you cannot hear the sound due to the muted nature of the sound. Your stomach must contract to ensure no residual food in the stomach. When this occurs, you may feel a growling sensation and maybe hear a growling sound. Although that sound indicates that your stomach is empty, it does not necessarily mean hunger.

Your colon is capable of absorbing water from food

Meals account for a sizable portion of your water consumption. Your colon is essential to your overall digestive health and wellness because it prevents you from losing too much water during the digestion process.

You are providing food for your beneficial gut bacteria

The good bacteria in your digestive tract require nutrition just as much as you do to function correctly. Soluble fiber provides nutrients to beneficial gut flora, which in turn helps to maintain colon health. Several foods contain soluble fiber, including vegetables, fruits, cereals, seeds, and nuts. Additionally, a fiber supplement such as Benefiber can give soluble fiber, which is necessary to grow beneficial gut bacteria.

Fiber Is Beneficial to the Digestive System

Fiber is necessary to aid in the movement of food through the digestive tract, and particular forms of fiber can assist in the maintenance of regularity. The type of fiber soluble in water offers nutrition to beneficial gut bacteria, which play a crucial part in maintaining excellent digestive health.

Workout Routines For Women

Workout Routines For Women

There are so many ways workout routines for women are marketed especially for flat tummy exercises and ab workouts For women.

Marketers try their best to connect with you. If they are successful in making a connection and earning your trust, then they have a chance to sell you their product.

As they attempt to connect with you, they carefully provide information that may or may not be beneficial to you.

Observation of physical shape sometimes used to guide readers towards workout routines. It sounds easy. Just stand in front of a mirror and see which of the shapes below matches you.

Is your body, pear shaped, straight, curvy or athletic?

Pear shaped bodies are described as wider in the middle that the top.

Straight bodies are without that many curves.

Curvy bodies are hourglass shaped with larger bust and hips and narrower waist.

Athletic bodies are have broader shoulders and narrower hips.

This simple observation which is the oversimplification of one aspect physical fitness components could then, in theory, help you design a workout routine that supposedly fixes your shape.

They recommend toning arms and building out shoulders to help pear shaped bodies.

If you are stick straight, why not build your glutes and tighten your core? That puts some sexy curves into your body.

Do you have full bust and large hips? No problem.  Add a full body workout.

And if you have an athletic body, workout for your butt and thighs help you build them out.

I intensely dislike this type of advice because I consider it harmful in two ways.

First, it ignores the connection between body image and  women’s behavior. Too many women rely on what the mirror tells them for validation. It is sad to say that many times what they see and what they hear to enforce their negative self evaluation is not limited to the mirror.

A mirror cannot and should not be the tool women use to determine value. Women are much greater than their reflection in a mirror.

Second, women have very specific anatomical, hormonal and muscular make up that is foundation of their function and quality of life.  An effective workout plan considers these science based facts.  Ignoring them creates imbalances that are much more serious than the shape of your body.

Aerobic Fitness

Words like aerobic fitness communicate ideas and ideas direct action that in turn influence results.

Using the term cardiopulmonary instead of cardiovascular helps define aerobic fitness and design tests and workout plans that help you reach your goal of having a strong and efficient heart, clean and pliable vascular system that includes your lymph system as well as strong lungs the the muscle that control the operation of the lungs.

Aerobic fitness is usually confused with one of its elements which is endurance. The assumption is that a runner is aerobically fit. Is a runner with clogged arteries considered aerobically fit?

The answer is no if you include the health of the vascular system that includes arteries in your definition of the term aerobic fitness.

How about a wrestler who gets winded because in his training, he has not learned to use his diaphragm breathing and instead he is doing chest breathing? Is he aerobically fit?

Again the answer is no if you consider the strength and the role the breathing muscles play in aerobic fitness.

The expanded definition becomes even more important as we age. Workout programs for those over 40 and fitness over 50 must consider the expanded definition of aerobic fitness that includes at the very least, the heart, the lungs, the vascular system and the muscles controlling the breathing.


Killer Core Workout Routine

core workout routine

Killer Core Workouts

Strong, balanced, and stable core is necessary to consolidate the benefits of your workouts and provide additional health benefits including low back pain prevention. If done correctly, a killer core workout could be part of your functional training exercises.

Specific exercises could help you sculpt your ab muscles as well as build the muscles around your spinal column that form your core.

Here are a few exercises you can perform create high-intensity interval training  and increase the fat burning aspect of your workout routine as well.

Russian Twist with Elevated Feet

Twisting actions engage your obliques. When you perform twisting actions with your feet elevated, you are engaging in a six-pack and your obliques.


  1. Sit on the floor.
  2. Tuck your knees toward your chest just enough to heal are only a few inches off the ground.
  3. Hold refutes stationary this elevated position.
  4. Bring your hands together and lean back to about 45° angle, so you end up on your hunches. If you need additional cushion, you can sit on the mat.
  5. Rotate to the left and right.

Medicine Ball Transfer Crunch

can make this exercise in aerobic one addition to building your core strength the map muscles.


  1. Lie down on the floor facing up.
  2. All the medicine ball in the hands move it above your head toward the floor.
  3. Exhale raise your hands in your feet toward each other.
  4. Transfer the wall ball to your feet.
  5. Lower your hands and your feet toward the ground.
  6. Keep your lower back on the ground prevent from arching.

Repeat for reps or time.

Dumbbell Crunches

This is both a flexible and challenging exercise based on the weight of the dumbbell you hold.

It also adds an element of shoulder workout to core workout.


  1. Warm-up for about 5 to 10 minutes before you do this exercise.
  2. Lie on the floor facing up.
  3. Bend your needs and bring them above your hips.
  4. Hold a dumbbell in your hands.
  5. Exhale and lifted dumbbell toward the ceiling.
  6. Inhale and return as you return the barbell to your chest and lower yourself back to the starting position.

Traditional Side Plank

This is a simple and effective exercise that requires no equipment. It improves the ability to maintain spinal alignment and engage your obliques


  1. Lie down on your side with your body fully extended.
  2. Place your feet on top of each other.
  3. Prop your body up on your elbow and forearm.
  4. Exhale and lift your hips to form one line from your heels.
  5. Inhale and/or your hips without touching the ground.
  6. Perform a number of reps of time and switch.

PX 90

PX 90 workouts are still sizzling hot.

One main reason this workout program still works well is the muscle confusion principle Tony Horton uses.

Human body, that is you and I, has not changed much for thousands of years. If a solid workout that produced results at the time of Gladiators, it still works today.

Beach body fitness team knows this, and they produce their videos and their marketing around it.

It is great to have hundreds of testimonials that the program works, but when the first drop of sweat trickle down your face, in your very first workout, you know this program works.
When you begin pulling up your pants on a regular basis and the smile touches your face knowing that your focused efforts are paying off, then you really know this program can change your life.

Before you get excited and push the order button, know that this is a challenging program and may not be suitable for everyone. There are some health concerns that may prevent you from participating. Always get an all clear signal for your physician.

If you haven’t seen your doctor for a while, this may be a good time to get a check-up.

The high intensity of PX 90 workouts is what deliver results. However, you are in charge, you can slow things down and even pause. Tony Horton does a great job describing each move and keep you motivated. He helps you keep going, but he doesn’t know your level of fitness; it is up to you to make adjustments and you should. Going too fast is one of the surest way of getting injured and slowing down your progress.

Gradually you will get stronger, and you develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence you may not have felt before.

Beach body fitness has done an excellent job compartmentalizing your lessons with this program just like their other programs like 10 minute trainer.

The 12 workouts prevents boredom, and it is the basis of muscle confusion principle. Your work different muscles in different ways to get every fiber responding and continue responding.

p90 workouts include three heart pumping cardiovascular exercise routines, two strength training routines, and one yoga session, and that’s for the Lean Phase of the program.

You begin with a few basic moves and experiment with plyometrics and kickboxing. PX 90 workouts are comprehensive.

Beach body exercises are great, but they are not enough. Tony Horton kitchen experiences are where you get an additional help from PX 90 to get the nutrition you need. It is this nutrition that helps your body from inside out as you melt the fat through exercises.

You learn what to eat and when. You learn to manage your hunger not but depriving yourself but by balancing your foods so that you are satisfied. In fact, your challenge is to eat everything that Tony suggests.

Isn’t it time for you to make the changes you have always wanted? If it is, PX 90 is a fantastic way to get the body you want, along with the health and confidence that goes with it.