Workout Routines For Women

Workout Routines For Women

There are so many ways workout routines for women are marketed especially for flat tummy exercises and ab workouts For women.

Marketers try their best to connect with you. If they are successful in making a connection and earning your trust, then they have a chance to sell you their product.

As they attempt to connect with you, they carefully provide information that may or may not be beneficial to you.

Observation of physical shape sometimes used to guide readers towards workout routines. It sounds easy. Just stand in front of a mirror and see which of the shapes below matches you.

Is your body, pear shaped, straight, curvy or athletic?

Pear shaped bodies are described as wider in the middle that the top.

Straight bodies are without that many curves.

Curvy bodies are hourglass shaped with larger bust and hips and narrower waist.

Athletic bodies are have broader shoulders and narrower hips.

This simple observation which is the oversimplification of one aspect physical fitness components could then, in theory, help you design a workout routine that supposedly fixes your shape.

They recommend toning arms and building out shoulders to help pear shaped bodies.

If you are stick straight, why not build your glutes and tighten your core? That puts some sexy curves into your body.

Do you have full bust and large hips? No problem.  Add a full body workout.

And if you have an athletic body, workout for your butt and thighs help you build them out.

I intensely dislike this type of advice because I consider it harmful in two ways.

First, it ignores the connection between body image and  women’s behavior. Too many women rely on what the mirror tells them for validation. It is sad to say that many times what they see and what they hear to enforce their negative self evaluation is not limited to the mirror.

A mirror cannot and should not be the tool women use to determine value. Women are much greater than their reflection in a mirror.

Second, women have very specific anatomical, hormonal and muscular make up that is foundation of their function and quality of life.  An effective workout plan considers these science based facts.  Ignoring them creates imbalances that are much more serious than the shape of your body.